Constituent states "Hi, I’m writing to voice my concerns about school being cancelled for the last day of school. This was handled unbelievably poorly, with no regard for the emotional regulation of the children of Boston. I picked up my 2nd grader and K1-er yesterday, minutes after the call was made, and most of the students were in tears. I understand calling off school for safety concerns, however this was avoidable. The parade did not have to be held on this day. Or the call to cancel school could have came earlier in the week. The move is showing the children of Boston that their routines and rituals (because the last day of school is a sacred ritual for a kid!) are as not important compared to those of wealthy athletes. One thing we’ve learned from the school closings in the pandemic is how vital school buildings and school routines are. This move has ripped the rug out from our youngest city members. Also, how is it all of a sudden ok for Boston kids to only have 179 days of school? While Newton students are still in classrooms for another week due to the strike? I understand this was DESE’s call, but granting an exception for one district due to a parade and not to another who fought for a contract that benefits teachers and students is sending a horrid message. It’s clear where our priorities are- and they are not with our students. I expect a formal apology to the students of Boston from the mayor and the superintendent. I am a staunch supporter of BPS and Mayor Wu (I was a BPS teacher for 12 years), however I am thoroughly disappointed in this decision." | Case (SR) Type: [School Administration] Referred To: [SCHOOLS: DEPARTMENT LIAISON]


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