Constituent was scheduled to have a hearing for a traffic ticket today at West Roxbury Cour via zoom. States the link she was given did not work. She tried to email back the person who sent the link, but got a message back that the email address was not accepting emails. Constituent tried calling W Rox Court main phone number but was unable to reach a live person. Attempted to leave a message for the Traffic Court department but the line cut her off after a few seconds. 311 agent attemped to call BPD E-5, E-13, and E-18 and calls would not connect. 311 agent called BPD HQ and was given number to 'police room' at W Rox Court, but the line was busy. Constituent wanted something in writing showing that steps were taken to try and figure out issue, and to appeal ticket. Constituent's main concern is that there is no way to get in touch with a live person at courthouse, as phone numbers and emails on the court's website are not working. | Case (SR) Type: [BPD: Administrative Issues] Referred To: [POLICE: COMMISSIONER'S OFFICE]


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