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  • Construction Debris

    24 Mount Vernon St, Charlestown, Ma, 02129

    Constituent states there is a carpet that is going to be put inside of the building put outside on the street and is afraid the contractor's supplies going to block people's way. | Construction debris: [Carpeting]

    CLOSED #101005578730

    Noted. No evidence found for a code enforcement violation at this time at the provided location.

  • Construction Debris

    427 Commercial St, Boston, Ma, 02109

    I work at the US EPA Region 1 Office in Boston and we received an anonymous complaint that is not likely within our Federal Authority for enforcement action but we believe The City of Boston may be able to investigate and could possibly require corrective action. The complainant reports that "the brick side of the US Coast Guard building at 427 Commercial St. is under repair but has no tarp or containment--concerned silica from the brick will get into the nearby pool." | Construction debris: [Uncovered construction materials] Exact location: [US Coast Guard Building at 427 Commercial St., Boston]

    OPEN #101005573193
  • Construction Debris

    37 Bartlett St, 1, Charlestown, Ma, 02129

    Constituent states there are two signs posted on the street with no parking tow zone with no other information and no permit number or dates. Constituent states the signs are taking up four parking spots and would like the matter to be looked into. | Construction debris: [cones with no parking signs] Exact location: [street]

    CLOSED #101005571399

    Resolved. No code enforcement violation found at this time.

  • Construction Debris

    26 Spring Garden St, Dorchester, Ma, 02125

    Rebar on the sidewalk sticking up | Construction debris: [Construction company taken over sidewalk] Exact location: [sidewalk]

    CLOSED #101005570762

    Resolved. Driveway being paved. Permits on file.

  • Construction Debris

    316 Princeton St, East Boston, Ma, 02128

    Constituetn states there are 4 cones that are taking up multiple street parking spots with no permits posted. Constituent states they are workign on the house and they have been reserving overnight spots for a while and is requesting inspection, ticket and removal. | Construction debris: [construction cones] Exact location: [front in street]

    CLOSED #101005569936

    Noted. Apon arrival of complaint, there no cone in the street taken up city property, and no citation was issued at this time.

  • Construction Debris

    110 Floyd St, Dorchester, Ma, 02124

    Const. states she noticed there was construction debris dumped in front of her home | Construction debris: [Broken asphlat and stone debris] Exact location: [sidewalk]

    CLOSED #101005566836

    Noted. No evidence found at this time.

  • Construction Debris

    12 R Plain St, Dorchester, Ma, 02122

    Project has been going on for years, owner stores heavy equipment, construction materials, junk/abandoned vehicles and piles of rotten wood infested with rodents along property line. | Construction debris: [construction debris, abandoned vehicles, heavy equipment storage, and rotten wood piled along rear fence] Exact location: [rear of lot along property line]

    CLOSED #101005562977

    Noted. Was cited for commercial vehicles park in residential property, and build up of trash, debris.

  • Construction Debris

    5 Mountfair Ter, Hyde Park, Ma, 02136

    Const. states someone dumped a pile of wood outside her house, not sure who | Construction debris: [Wood, maybe from cabinetry] Exact location: [Sidewalk]

    CLOSED #101005561462

    Resolved. Wood has been placed in for collection.

  • Construction Debris

    2235 Washington St, Roxbury, Ma, 02119

    Constituent reports that contractors in the building have been dumping large piles of construction debris in the parking lot, now people are adding to the piles and the situation is getting worse. | Construction debris: [PVC pipes, metal bars] Exact location: [Rear of the property in the parking lot]

    CLOSED #101005535915

    Noted. Violation was issued for trash improperly stored.

  • Construction Debris

    Intersection Of Richmond St And Atlantic Ave, Boston, Ma

    Constituent states construction workers are throwing trash off the roof while working and sometimes landing in the street. Constituent states they have a fenced in working zone with a dumpster permit and no dumpster. | Construction debris: [all kinds of trash] Exact location: [Sidewalk and Street.]

    CLOSED #101005532726

    Noted. No code enforcement violation found at location. Access to sidewalk is accessible.



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