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    10 20 Guest St, Brighton, Ma, 02135

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    WGBH sprinklers spray at sidewalk. Every night, the WGBH office sprinklers are on after 11pm and they rotate and make the sidewalk inaccessible without getting completely soaked. This is a year-round thing, but it’s forcing people to walk in the road to avoid getting completely drenched. Can they maybe not rotate them at the street? Just want to get home dry…

    OPEN #101005581983
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    77 Exeter St, Boston, Ma, 02199

    Constituent states there are groups of people that are using drugs and fighting near the public library and nothing is done by the police. Constituent would like more to be done about the issue | Case (SR) Type: [BPD: Quality of Life] Referred To: [POLICE: AREA D-4]

    OPEN #101005581977
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    31 Gaylord St, Dorchester, Ma, 02124

    People doing drugs in neiborhood that I have noticed the past few weeks during the day. There seems to be about 6 people wondering around algonquin, chamberlain and gaylord. Someone was smoking a pipe and doing drugs on the sidewalk. | Case (SR) Type: [BPD: Quality of Life] Referred To: [POLICE: AREA B-3]

    OPEN #101005581950
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    273 Huntington Ave, Boston, Ma, 02115

    Constituent is calling from the symphony hall and states there are numerous mopeds and scooters parked on the sidewalk and driving on the sidewalk and streets very dangerously. | Case (SR) Type: [BPD: Traffic/Parking] Referred To: [POLICE: AREA D-4]

    OPEN #101005581932
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    15 Bronsdon St, Brighton, Ma, 02135

    Constituent states that there is no electricity in their house or their neighbor's house, due to a faulty transformer. they've attempted to make a case with eversource for 3-4 days, no ETA. Eversource contacted at 9:05pm, they stated that they will send a crew in the next 24-48 hrs. | Case (SR) Type: [Wires: Downed/Low Hanging] Referred To: [LOW HANGING/DOWNED WIRE(S)]

    OPEN #101005581900
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    18 Adair Rd, Brighton, Ma, 02135

    After hours construction noise at 18 Adair Road in Brighton. Loud shovels and construction equipment on the night of Tuesday 7/23, still ongoing as I am reporting this at 9pm

    OPEN #101005581889
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    68 Willowdean Ave, West Roxbury, Ma, 02132

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    Someone switched the recycling bin at our home. Is there a new initiative to replace recycling bins? Our old recycling bin said Boston Recycling, had a black lid, and was bigger.

    OPEN #101005581884
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    153 173 Kneeland St, Boston, Ma, 02111

    Very loud screeching sound coming from Vicinity steam plant | Case (SR) Type: [Noise Pollution] Referred To: [VICINITY ENERGY]

    OPEN #101005581880
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    Intersection Of March Ave And Bellevue St, West Roxbury, Ma

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    Abandoned shopping cart | Case (SR) Type: [Shopping Carts] Referred To: [SHOPPING CARTS]

    OPEN #101005581874
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    21 Unity St, Boston, Ma, 02113

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    Sick looking bird on Unity St | Case (SR) Type: [Animal Care & Control] Referred To: [ANIMAL CARE & CONTROL STAFF]

    OPEN #101005581868



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