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  • Overflowing or Unkept Dumpster

    73 Sumner St, Dorchester, Ma, 02125

    What is the nature of the problem: [mattrass left outside for 30 days by tenant its disgusting]

    CLOSED #101005143441

    Resolved. A 311 request must be submitted by constituent for removal of mattress.

  • Overflowing or Unkept Dumpster

    44 46 Rosemont St, Mattapan, Ma, 02126

    I have furniture near the trash barrels that the trash company wont take |

    CLOSED #101004649312

    Noted. Please call 311 to schedule a mattress collection appointment. Mattresses are collected by appointment only. Please make sure all other materials are curbside by 6am on your next trash day and everything will be collected. The contractors will not take any materials on private property.

  • Overflowing or Unkept Dumpster

    329 Summit Ave, Brighton, Ma, 02135

    Possible unpermitted demo work on property. Dumpster is always full and there are mattresses and other furniture on the edge of the property that have been there for weeks |

    CLOSED #101004542627

    Noted. Ticket has been issued by code enforcement.

  • Overflowing or Unkept Dumpster

    565 Norfolk St, Mattapan, Ma, 02126

    What is the nature of the problem: [Constituent states that there is a mattress left with the dumpsters and the company that hauls it leaves the mattress by the dumpsters which attracts rodents]

    CLOSED #101004050379
  • Overflowing or Unkept Dumpster

    15 17 Wheelock Ave, Dorchester, Ma, 02125

    This vacant lot belongs to the 519 Columbia Road Trust, which also owns 519 Columbia Road. One tenant is Rent-a-Center. The dumpster is overflowing and there is furniture and mattresses scattered in the lot. The Wheelock Avenue side of 519 Columbia Road is also covered with graffiti, which the City cannot remove because the brick is painted and the graffiti covers the entire wall. I took photos this morning but there doesn't seem to be a way to upload them here. |

    CLOSED #101003935866
  • Overflowing or Unkept Dumpster

    250 Spring St, West Roxbury, Ma, 02132

    What is the nature of the problem: [There is an over flowing dumpster/trash that stinks real bad and is attracting mice. There is also 5 mattress out in the trash area]

    CLOSED #101003300060
  • Overflowing or Unkept Dumpster

    1336 River St, Apt 1, Hyde Park, Ma, 02136

    Three dumpsters filled abt a foot or two over top and overflowing...couches and mattresses on ground |

    CLOSED #101002982280
  • Overflowing or Unkept Dumpster

    85 Tennis Rd, Mattapan, Ma, 02126

    What is the nature of the problem: [Property owned by Advance Property Management 617-983-5120. 4-5 Barrels of trash outside home, mattresses, old TV's and it stinks. an overflow of trash.]

    OPEN #101002961881
  • Overflowing or Unkept Dumpster

    8 Burney St, 3, Mission Hill, Ma, 02120

    What is the nature of the problem: [mattress left on sidewalk]

    CLOSED #101002933350
  • Overflowing or Unkept Dumpster

    18 Taft St, Dorchester, Ma, 02125

    The backyard at this home is horrible. Trash overflowing with no lids. There are two mattresses in the backyard and a couch. I have seen rodents in the trash cans on several occasions. |

    CLOSED #101002925406




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  • Overflowing or Unkept Dumpster (Remove)