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Other at 4 S Market St Downtown

Is the indoor mask mandate over or changed? Can you point me to the new guidelines? I saw Mayor Wu without her mask indoors yesterday and hopeful we will get answers now or a new goal to achieve for when it'll go awAy again.
CLOSED Case Resolved. Face Masks are required in all indoor public settings in the City of Boston: - 4 days ago #101004069486

Other at 240 242 Hanover St

Had to leave Modern pastry with my baby because no one in line was wearing face masks! Modern needs to enforce this to protect little ones who can not be vaccinated!
CLOSED Duplicate of Existing Case. duplicate # 101004069133. - 5 days ago #101004068225
Other at 240 242 Hanover St

Litter at 1391 Hyde Park Ave Hyde Park

Would you please sweep the sidewalk at 1391 Hyde Park Ave in Hyde Park because there are so many leaves debris, masks and litter? Thank you very much.
CLOSED Case Resolved. clean up trash. - 7 days ago #101004066125

Other at 663 Centre St, Jamaica Plain

No workers at Same Old Place (pizza) wearing masks.
OPENED 7 days ago #101004066085

Other at 1710 1712 Centre St, West Roxbury

No masks on employees and not mandated for people entering 7 11
OPENED 8 days ago #101004065733

Other at 10 Saint James Ave

Building is hosting large indoor events. Party goers not wearing masks and stand shoulder to shoulder. Multiple state, city and building violations.
CLOSED Case Noted. Thank you for contacting Boston 311. This matter needs to brought to the attention of the police when and if it's taking place. This is for non-emergency, non-crime related city service requests. 9-1-1 should always be called to report any crime, loud music or loud parties. Your case has been noted and reviewed , thank you for using the 311 app. - 10 days ago #101004064065

Other at 426 Washington St

There are almost a dozen cops standing around by their Harley's on their phones doing nothing while several stores in downtown crossing like City smoke among others have employees and customers with out masks as required by Boston law. Ev...
CLOSED Case Noted. Thank you for contacting Boston 311. - 10 days ago #101004063824

Other at 1999 Centre St, West Roxbury

Employees not wearing masks At Walgreens
OPENED 10 days ago #101004063743

Other at 1 City Hall Plz

Someone from the Mayors office needs to take a visit to the Parking Clerks office because none of them are wearing masks what's the problem with them are they hoping to catch something so they can go back home for two weeks, it's not righ...
CLOSED Case Noted. Thank you for your comment. The Mayor's Policy Team has recorded your feedback and will review your comments and suggestions for future policy improvements. We appreciate you taking the time to contact the Mayor, and please feel free to call 3-1-1 if you have any further comments or questions. Best,. Mayor’s Office. - 11 days ago #101003439657

Other at Reilly Playground

No masks at Reilly Rink--management refuses to enforce the policy
OPENED 14 days ago #101004048251
Other at Reilly Playground

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