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Broken Sidewalk at 100 Atlantic Ave

Columbus Park North End -- Wheelchair/stroller/tripping hazard in very prominent spot -- please fix nicely with actual pavers, not asphalt. Thanks!
CLOSED Case Resolved. This Location has been made safe and referred to Park Improvement division. See case #101003707712 for status of the request. - about 16 hours ago #101003705656
Broken Sidewalk at 100 Atlantic Ave

Park Improvements at No Location Specified

Columbus Park North End -- Wheelchair/stroller/tripping hazard in very prominent spot -- please fix nicely with actual pavers, not asphalt. Thanks! | Type of improvement: [Pathways] SR Type: [Trades General]
OPENED about 16 hours ago #101003707712

Residential Trash out Illegally at Intersection Of Noyes Pl & Salem St

Rubbish is placed out well in advance of pickup | Details: [Constituent called to report residents placed their trash bags out at 1:15pm today instead of 5pm for trash pick up tomorrow] Exact location: [front of 5 Noyes Place - North End]
CLOSED Case Closed. Case Noted. no violation at this time today is trash day. - about 18 hours ago #101003707163

Other at 123 129 Salem St

No pandemic in the north end! Come one come all for crowded seating areas, impassable sidewalks and general frivolity! Thank god no covid here!
OPENED 2 days ago #101003706807

Broken Park Equipment at 135 Prince St

DeFilippo Playground, in the North End, electrical box is open in the park | SR Type: [Electrical values (Parks)] Park owner: [BPRD]
OPENED 2 days ago #101003706424

Cemetery Maintenance Request at No Location Specified

What is the nature of the problem: [Loming] Which cemetery are you calling about: [Copps Hill: (North End)] What is the exact location of the grave or the problem: [resident request the trees be pruned/cut back away from the windows of...
CLOSED Case Closed. Duplicate of Existing Case. case already submitted see case# 3700700. - 5 days ago #101003703768

Illegal Parking at 100 Prince St

Constituent is reporting that there are multiple vehicles parked blocking the alley that is between 2 and 4 Thatcher in the North End. She is parked in the alley and can't get out. | How is the car parked illegally: [Other] Make: [Unknow...
CLOSED Case Resolved. Area ticketed. - 5 days ago #101003703223

Rodent Sighting at 145 Fulton St, Apt 1a

Huge rat right outside our door. Please do something about the rats in the north end!
CLOSED VIOCOR: Violation Corrected. - 6 days ago #H337697-101003342074

Damaged Sign at Cleveland Pl North End Boston

Cleveland Place street sign needs replacement again. It is damaged. Thank you.
OPENED 6 days ago #101003702355

Pothole at Intersection Of Warren St & Chelsea St, Charlestown

Large pothole/depression around a manhole cover on Chelsea Street (heading away from the North End) at the intersection of Warren Street. Multiple 311 reports have been filed and nothing has been done. Please repair this road hazard befor...
OPENED 8 days ago #101003699014

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