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Damaged Sign at N Bennett Ct North End Boston

The entire sign is gone
CLOSED Case Noted. Duplicate of existing case which has been processed and will replace the missing N. BENNETT CT street name sign. - about 19 hours ago #101003607152

Other at 1 City Hall Ave

Why is there still after hours construction going on in the North End? When is this scheduled to end? Please don't close this out as 'duplicate request' since the City never actually responds to when this work is scheduled to be complet...
CLOSED Case Noted. Dear Consttieunt,. Can you give us a location as there is many projects and some aren't city related. Regards,. Rich DiMarzo. - about 21 hours ago #101003607864

Pothole at Battery St North End Boston

Intersection of Battery St and Commercial St., North End, there's a square (about foot square) steel cover over a utility hole in the middle of Commercial St. Cars going north hit it and it bounces visibly in place, making a bang. Every...
OPENED 2 days ago #101003608019

Street Lights at 50 Chandler St

Streetlight is out on Lawrence Street in South End. I reported previously, case 101003160407. City closed case 1/29, saying fixed. But light is still out, as you can see in attached photo, taken evening of 1/29. The light is closest t...
CLOSED Resolved. Bypassed old burnt 175MV ballast and lamp. Installed LED lamp. HT RD. - 3 days ago #101003185843
Street Lights at 50 Chandler St

Street Lights at Medford St North End Boston

CLOSED Resolved. 3 out of 4 repaired, last one has underground issues. Working on a resolution. - 3 days ago #101003146840

Other at 294 North St

"North End Fitness" (gym) has been open every single day during the pandemic. People work out inside and take up the whole sidewalk doing workouts outside and people have to walk in the street. All the while not wearing masks. As you can...
CLOSED Duplicate of Existing Case. Inspection requested - 101003607061. - 3 days ago #101003587828
Other at 294 North St

Street Lights at 20 Tileston St North End

I just looked back through reports. This street light has been reported out for 5 months! Dangerous! Safety issue. No follow through, communication or response. Would you want your mother walking here? Blackness total. Our water sewer...
CLOSED Duplicate of Existing Case. See CRM#3528937. - 4 days ago #101003606133

Street Lights at 20 Tileston St North End

Light out since September/October. No one responds. Don’t know if street is out. Too dark to see! My 4th report. Many others have reported as well. Safety issue Photos? Too dark
CLOSED Duplicate of Existing Case. See CRM#3528937. - 4 days ago #101003606130

Other at 103 Atlantic Ave

Public health hazard, more homeless people defecating in public areas in the North End. Please address homeless issues.
OPENED 6 days ago #101003595007
Other at 103 Atlantic Ave

Other at Intersection Of Thacher St & N Margin St

Ongoing construction after hours in the North End. Does this have a permit to allow work at this hour? This is not a duplicate request.
CLOSED Duplicate of Existing Case. Dup case, inspection requested. case # 3594497. - 6 days ago #101003592067

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